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Chapter 1:
Perception is Reality


Perception is Reality.

It's a good lesson to understand, and one that is demonstrated widely if you open your eyes to it: the value of something is not always linked to the price. 

Here are some examples you might find in your part of the world:
  • Brand-new designer pen-and pencil sets in elegant presentation boxes for $9.99 while the same sets are priced at $49.95 only 3 blocks away
  • Office equipment and furnishings purchased new 4 months ago and now sold for pennies on the dollar at the bankruptcy auction of a company that spent its investor's dollars too quickly and unnecessarily
  • Like-new hardcover books and old first-edition, first-printing versions for $1.99 (some signed by the authors) while sells the new paperback version for $10.47
  • Like-new, recently released music CDs in the used section for $2.49 while the sealed new version sells 35 feet away for $13.98
    Popular award-winning movies (e.g., Gladiator) for $7.98 new on VCD - a format similar to DVD common in Asia - while the DVD sells for $25.49 new (and these are not illegal versions)
  • Studio apartment sells for US$150,000 cash in a hot market, then the new owner, facing financial pressures 2 years later, can't find a buyer at US$50,000

Since perception is the most important concept in this book, I have put it at the beginning. Perception is Reality. The way to use this to your advantage whenever you are planning to spend money, for example, at the 40% off holiday sale is to ask yourself, "How can I get this for less, say 90% off, or for free?" This challenges you to accept the possibilities of alternatives, and to learn to be more resourceful. Being resourceful leads you to find a number of ways to meet your needs. And it helps you overcome the obstacle of not having enough money, because you won't limit every solution to the amount of money you need.

Now, I realize that someone of you are saying, "Perception is not reality. Reality is reality, and we only glimpse a part of it." I agree with you. Since all we have to work with is what we are able to perceive, for practical purposes, our perceptions dictate what is real for us. The point of "perception is reality" is to ask you to expand your perceptions so that you take in more of reality. This in turn helps you to be more resourceful, which helps you get what you want while using less cash. 


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