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Part I: Do you see what I see? Perception
1.  Perception is reality
2.  Really, how bad is that neighborhood?
3.  No way! The possibility of other possibilities
4.  Developing the art of the possible
5.  Resistance
6.  Some of my favorite excuses
Part II: What is this stuff, anyway? Money and the stuff it buys
7.  Money
8.  Stuff
9.  The government miracle of taxation
Part III: Fries or onion rings? Clarity of purpose
10. $10 million? How about $10?
Part IV: A day late and a dollar short:
      Lengthening your planning horizon
11. The future is created
12. You know your future
13. Short-term problems, long-term problems
14. Make few promises, but keep them all
Part V: How can I get that for free? Ownership vs. control
15. Own nothing, control everything
16. Getting paid for showing up
Part VI: Taking a (money) leak: Staying afloat
17. 100 1% leaks sinks the ship
18. A penny saved is a hundred pennies earnede

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