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What?! Another stinking book on become richer?! (Nope.) I bet it's filled with exercises (nope) and meditations on my life's purpose (nope) and prosperity consciousness (nope) and visualizing (nope) and . . .

You won't find instructions on how to set up your retirement plan, how to choose a money market fund or stock mutual fund, or how to buy auto or homeowner's insurance.

Nope. This is actually an autobiography. Or perhaps a confessional. I'm not sure which.

What you're going to read is from a fellow human, just like you, trying to reach his goals in life ($100 billion net worth - 70% real estate, 25% stocks, 5% cash; a gaudy, McRetailArchitecture mansion on too little land filled with things I'll never appreciate; a disgustingly expensive Rolls Royce parked in the grand circular driveway; a string of best-selling books made into top-grossing movies; my own TV talk show; yada, yada, yada, and, oh yeah, peace and goodwill on earth) while learning some things along the way.

Based on both reading thousands of books in my lifetime so far and my own experiences (created in the laboratories of my mind and tested on the proving grounds of actual, real, everyday life over the past 25 years), I'm going to share with you some ways I've learned to cut expenses out of life without decreasing the quality of life to the same degree. Saving 40% isn't the same as breathing 40% less; you do get to enjoy your life. You'll like some of the ideas right away and want to try them out right away. Others just won't work for you, because your life is quite different, or to adopt them means you have to restructure your life totally, which we both know is unlikely to happen, or because some ideas just aren't you. No problem. These are ideas for you to pick and choose, however eclectic you want to be.

These ideas apply to your business (whether you own it or manage it) and your home (whether you own it or rent it).

Some of you want to know the bottom line, the executive summary. Here you go:

By challenging yourself to change your perceptions about reality and knowing your own comfort levels, you can shift how you use your money because you're more aware of what money is, where it goes, how to value it in ways other than your national currency, and how use it more powerfully.

Each chapter introduces an idea, and gives you some ways to see how it works. In some of these, I'll add in my own experiences - especially where I learned it's easier to pound nails using a hammer rather than my forehead. And I won't use many accounting or financial terms. If you understand the following, you're set to go: work, job, salary, wages, paycheck, earnings, income, expense, taxes, savings, investment, bank, money market fund, stock mutual fund, capital, passive income, interest, dividend, and capital gain.

If you're a highly spiritual, New Age person, then consider the ideas as ways to ground you in the reality that you need the energy of money and that abundance consciousness is not the same as spending money in anticipation of receiving it. That's called tripping on a trillion stars above while the landlord nails the eviction notice to your door. 

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Do you see what I see?



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