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I love you. I am one with you.

She is a siren, the woman of my dreams. Hair so soft with love like warm baby bath water. A face once sharply sculpted from chiseled granite now flowy curvy with the shapely currents that have molded and rounded and refined nature's energy into into nature's art, turning panicked, stampeding, cliff diving bouldering avalanches into red hibiscus honey.

Honey, drip and pour and flow onto me and into me and through to me. Let your cheek rest against mine and move at a mountain's pace, so I can feel your tectonic lock of love, so I can feel the mountains move. Wash through me while I flick my tongue and lick and taste your zing sweet, magmatic ambrosia oozing like God time.

Drive your magnetic arrow of electricity through and split me in two, split me left and right, front and back, and up and down. I'll return your arrow with even more power so each cycle nourishes both of us, our coupling an evolutionary circuit that destroys and recreates and deifies with every caress.

Let us float up to the stars and down to the stars and across to the stars, where we take those places saved for us, hold hands, and walk down the streets of home greeting strangers wearing familiar faces.

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