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Calm still air.

Swan neck reaches down
And pulls back the moss
Which frames morning-glistened dew
On lilac orchid petals.

Steam rises from the grotto.
River water rehydrates Moose.
Bear grips Trout in his teeth
Opening up pink flesh.

The brush has been cleared
With careful consideration,
The atavistic manicure gains
The field three thousand years.

Across the lake the stand 
Still stands: Trees of trees
On the hour by the hour
Each and every hour.

Ripe dark berries dangle from branches
As Deer massages out their juices.
Pout-puffy lips and Snake tongue
Make thirst-slurpy sounds.

Crashing tree breaks open
Tender sweet orchid.
Ducks, Swans, and Geese take flight.
Glistened dew sprays the moss.

Calm still air.

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