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Oh how could I wish
Upon a Christmas star
When I am here, it is now,
And You are there, too far.

The winter evenings
Turn to tundra cold.
Memories of your soft warmth
Keep me young and bold.

There's nothing warmer
Than a cold winter spent
With an angel of love
From heaven sent.

A vibrant radiance emanates
From within to without.
I have felt you across the ages -
We are connected, no doubt.

Seeing the sunset sparkle the ocean
As we talk about feeling:
The palette of colors
Splash against the endless sky.

Earth's natural rhythm cycles again:
We hear the crashing waves
Of movement within
Our heart's enclaves.

Walking and holding your hand
Last night did it seem:
Of chasing you and laughing.
Was it but a dream?

Were you there with me?
Did we truly touch and kiss?
Maybe we met in another life
This feeling I cannot dismiss.

I do believe that our dreams 
Reveal how great we can be.
You are my dream and in my dream:
Reveal yourself, now, here, to me.

My sight blurs from my tears
How embarrassing for a man.
It is in the quiet of my room
That I pray as best as I can.

Oh how could I wish
Upon a Christmas Sun
And see your Light shine
So we can be as One.

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