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Waves wash higher and stronger
As the night gray clouds gather.
My trees will fall and my beaches will erode
But I always love to see the change.

Down at the cove, I jump into the water
And go to visit my colored friends at the reef.
They hide in the coral holes of my soul:
Submerged, not seen, but not forgotten.

Long ago they were me.
Not so long ago they became friends.
I was afraid of losing myself
So today, we reunited, promising to love each other.

Their realm stretches for ages
While mine only goes a few short years.
Smiling as I watch them pulled by 6 o'clock currents
They come out and nibble gently on my face.

I can only hear Ocean's true natural rhythm
When I'm underwater in her.
It's there, 20 feet down and holding my breath
That I always can best feel your song.

Without her my Island wouldn't be.
She defines me, shapes me, and refines me.
She brings life for my birds and my trees,
With her constancy of change.

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