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I read today that,
"A woman is not her body."
This got me wondering
Who you really are.

To move amongst us mortals
In this realm we call Earth.
Who are you to be here,
One I imagined could not exist?

You confuse me, you delight me,
You infuriate me so.
Truly, I'm not holding you my arms?
Enlighten me now.

Your mind moves
And I become one with your thoughts.
But what is moving your mind?
A Wizard of Oz?

When you're not here
I can feel when you're thinking of me.
I can kiss you on the forehead
And hear you smile.

This thing called a Soul,
Someone once told me that we all have one.
That I have to get very quiet
To even know it's there.

Every night we meet in our dreams
When we open the formless clear door
Entering from either side of The White Room
To merge and feel once more.

Tonight there I shall ask you
To speak to me without words.
I shall insist you teach me who you truly are
Through the channel that is not you.

Should we never again meet on Earth,
Put away any hint of fear.
For I have known you across the ages,
And felt you across space and time in here.

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