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The country winter night is almost as still
As you lying there wrapped in wool.
Blanket scrunched under your chin
And your cute hands holding on.

I close my eyes and see your dreams
Of kittens wrapped in soft clouds.
My soul hears Mother Earth
As you slowly breathe in and out.

It's a curious world you live in.
One I don't quite understand.
Perhaps I need to stop thinking about it
And let you show me by taking my hand. 
Quietly I get up, nakedly freezing,
And put on some thick warm clothes.
I need to step outside for a bit and see
How the world compares to you.

I look at the stars and see myself in Orion
And again in the jagged mountains of the ground.
But nowhere out there can I find anything at all
That even remotely resembles you.

I do know that all of the starlight
Comes from stars no longer there.
Either they have moved from their positions
Or decided to quit the whole affair.

The distant city lights are winking at me
Whilst God's stars hold steady and true.
Earth's in its Heaven and Heaven its Earth,
I hold my breath to preserve the moment in Eternity.

In some odd way and with twisted reason
I still am lying next to you.
I just can feel from who you are
That your angels surround and watch over you.

Back inside I curse the outside cold
And jump back under the covers with you.
Perhaps I am Orion and the jagged mountains
But your Heavenly warmth remains soft and true.

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