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Introduction             Concepts             Rules             Actions             The PowerNetworking System             Your Solution             Final Thoughts

Have you ever have found a job through people you know?
Have you ever have found a home through people you know?
Have you have ever found a romantic relationship through people you know?

Chances are you answered YES  to at least one of these questions.

Then you致e networked successfully. What I知 going share with you is no different than this. It痴 something you致e already done. But PowerNetworking allows you to easily and consistently build a network of people around you so you eventually have everyone and everything close by.

Draw people to you who have what you want. It could be a job, a loan, start-up capital, a friendship, anything you can think of.

Why is this important? If you work for another, say a company, it allows you to increase your opportunities for greater career growth by building a network of contacts internally and externally. If you work for yourself, it helps you get and keep your name in front of those who have the power to buy your products or services -- and recommend others who will, too.

Your strategy to accomplish this is simple:

 You raise your visibility among people through increased interactions.

Read that again.

PowerNetworking provides this effectively.

To help you understand why this works:

  • First we値l go overConcepts.
  • Next we値l set forth some simple Rules that keep you focused.
  • Then we値l explore what specific Actions you can take to raise your visibility through increased interactions.
  • Last, we値l put it all together in the Power Networking System, integrating visibility and interactions that draw people to you.
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