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Bill Henthorn gained one his first exposures to real estate while working at First Winthrop Corporation, a Boston-based real estate securities firm, as an intern during his college days at UC Berkeley. He learned how to structure deals and convinced the branch manager of the San Francisco office to sponsor his real estate limited partnership securities license.

Bill started his real estate career in 1986 as a salesman in Honolulu, shortly after graduating from UC Berkeley.

Focusing on the extremely competitive Hawaiian resort condominium market in Waikiki, Bill quickly gained a reputation as a highly dependable source of properties in his role as representative of offshore investor sellers, who hailed from 14 U.S. states and 9 foreign countries.

After 4 years in the business, he became president, principal broker and owner of Ideal Homes, which he repositioned to specialize in representing investors of condominiums.

Bill furthered his reputation and differentiated his firm through innovative and breakthrough marketing campaigns which coordinated direct mail, print, telemarketing, and newspaper media, including campaigns exclusively targeting women owners and donating portions of brokerage commissions to nonprofits in the names of his clients. His direct-mail campaigns, based on database marketing, targeted 8,000 individuals on a highly personalized basis each month.

His tremendous ability to forecast market trends through market data analysis allowed him to entrench his firm into new markets before the competition and to alert his investor clients of buying and selling opportunities.

He extended his market beyond the 15,000-unit Waikiki condominium market out into the 35,000-unit Oahu residential condominium market, rapidly penetrating new geographic areas to amass 10% to 20% of the listings.

Because of the frequency in which he guided his investor clients through tax-deferred exchanges, Bill often received requests to teach other brokers about the mechanics of these exchanges; most worked at large, national brand-name real estate brokerage firms.

His network of real estate contacts eventually spanned 4 continents and allowed him to invest his time marketing commercial real estate, where he focused on resort properties, primarily hotels, golf courses, and resort-zoned developable parcels.

Further building on his real estate expertise, and in merging his real estate and finance backgrounds, Bill is currently focusing his real estate energies on the development of Parc Properties, a company managing real estate investment funds specializing in Honolulu condominiums in order to provide offshore investors with sophisticated and expert guidance in the 50,000-unit Oahu condominium market.


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