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Speaker Net News: Self-described as "The Award-Winning Weekly Resource for the Professional Speaking Community," you'll get into the flow of the professional speaker, learning of resources as well as building a speaking business. To subscribe or view the past 3 archived articles, click here.


CEO Express: web portal choking with links (daily news and info, business research, office tools and travel, and breaktime). research and news site with an international perspective. leadership: although sponsored by a Big 3 automaker who personally I believe is long on public relations and short on delivery, this site has some excellent resources.


Leadership Books:
How to Become CEO: by Jeffrey J. Fox. 

Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge: by Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus.

Leadership and the New Science: by Margaret J. Wheatley. 

Managing at the Speed of Change: by Darryl R. Conner. 

The New Art of the Leader: by William A. Cohen.

On Becoming a Leader: by Warren Bennis 

Becoming a Person of Influence: by John C. Maxwell 


Books & Love Poems: Way too popular - Love poems, fun short stories...more! Find out why!

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