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10-Pack: standard version:
     5 Humor +
     2 New Lifestyle +
     3 Inspirational

Just $32.97
(I save $11.73)

By going ahead now, I tap into the GREAT POWER of these
5 very POPULAR, incredibly ENTERTAINING humorous speeches!

  1. Magically, Mysteriously, Mystically...Maybe -- standard version
  2. Strange New World: a retirement speech -- standard version
  3. The Spirit of Giving -- standard version
  4. The Light Out There: a true story -- standard version
  5. The Progressive Cliff -- standard version
And these ...
2 very SIGNIFICANT, incredibly IMPORTANT new lifestyle speeches!

  1. Be Aware: It's Simplicity Itself -- standard version
  2. Lest We Capitalists Forget -- standard version
And these ...
3 very deeply TOUCHING, incredibly MOVING inspirational speeches!

  1. A Wakeup Call -- standard version
  2. Pearls Before Swine -- standard version
  3. Running from the War -- standard version

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With the PREMIUM VERSION, you get invaluable helpful speaking hints imbedded in the speeches themselves -- helping you deliver your speeches even more successfully!


OPTION #1: Premium Version:
With the Premium Version, I get invaluable helpful speaking hints imbedded in the speeches themselves -- helping me deliver my speeches even more successfully! (75% of people choose the Premium Version)

Just $54.97 (I save $19.73 or 26%!)

OPTION #2: standard version:
With the standard version, I get the exact same speeches as the Premium Version, but it doesn't come with the invaluably helpful speaking hints imbedded in the speeches themselves. That's okay, since I'm already a highly skilled speaker.

Just $32.97 (still a good value)



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